Book 2 - Emily Wilde

Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands

Book 2 of the Emily Wilde Series

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • When mysterious faeries from other realms appear at her university, curmudgeonly professor Emily Wilde must uncover their secrets before it’s too late, in this heartwarming, enchanting second installment of the Emily Wilde series.

Emily Wilde is a genius scholar of faerie folklore who just wrote the world’s first comprehensive encyclopaedia of faeries. She’s learned many of the secrets of the Hidden Ones on her adventures . . . and also from her fellow scholar and former rival Wendell Bambleby. 

Because Bambleby is more than infuriatingly charming. He’s an exiled faerie king on the run from his murderous mother and in search of a door back to his realm. And despite Emily’s feelings for Bambleby, she’s not ready to accept his proposal of marriage: Loving one of the Fair Folk comes with secrets and dangers. 

She also has a new project to focus on: a map of the realms of faerie. While she is preparing her research, Bambleby lands her in trouble yet again, when assassins sent by his mother invade Cambridge. Now Bambleby and Emily are on another adventure, this time to the picturesque Austrian Alps, where Emily believes they may find the door to Bambleby’s realm and the key to freeing him from his family’s dark plans.

But with new relationships for the prickly Emily to navigate and dangerous Folk lurking in every forest and hollow, Emily must unravel the mysterious workings of faerie doors and of her own heart.

Book Two of the Emily Wilde Series

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January 16
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This Time Emily is the Rescuer

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands by Heather Fawcett is Book 2 of the Emily Wilde series. Emily Wilde was a genius scholar who had just published an encyclopedia of faerie. Wendell Brambleby was an exiled Prince of an Irish faery realm who was searching for a back door into his kingdom. In this book, Emily was working on a map of faerie and searching for Brambleby’s back door. His step mother began sending assassins after Brambleby as well as poison, and the two set off on another expedition in the Austrian Alps but found themselves with Emily’s niece, as an assistant, and another professor from Cambridge tagging along. Following the path taken by an earlier Dryadologist who had disappeared, Emily sought an entrance into Brambleby’s realm in order to find a cure for the poison that was gradually taking him from her before she could decide whether to accept his marriage proposal. This was an endearing novel about a brave, intelligent woman who used her brains to journey to a place where humans rarely escaped in order to save the faerie she loved. The author gave us the opportunity to experience descriptive interactions between Emily and many types of Fae. The addition of her niece and the other professor added color to the story and Brambleby was as exasperating and charming as he was in book 1. If you enjoy stories about journeys into the land of the Fae, then I most emphatically recommend this book and this series. I am voluntarily writing this review after reading an advanced complementary copy of this novel, thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group, Ballantine, Del Rey.

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Love this series!

I fell in love with Book 1, and immediately dug into Book 2 when it came out - I loved it! I'm a big fan of folklore and fae, and this series gives the fae justice with how odd and downright morbid they can be! I'm excited for Book 3, I'll be keeping my eyes out

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