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When Emily is rudely woken from a blissful dream on a beautiful beach with her lover, and told she's on air with her local radio station diskjockeys, she does what any normal woman would do. She fakes it, and pretends she was already awake.

The competition to win an engagement ring has been drawn, but Emily won second prize. Squeee! She's won a Valentine weekend in Spain with her boyfriend, Brian, and a limo will be there soon to whisk her off to the airport.

The story begins in not-so-sunny England, and quickly moves to Spain. Emily and Brian meet a sexist expat driver, and then endure two days of comedies of errors discovering Ronda and the white villages of Andalucia.

Emily tortures herself over-analysing every word Brian says, watching his every move for any hint Brian really wants to propose to her. After all, why wouldn't he want to marry her? She's perfect for him, isn't she?

Emily and Brian make the discovery that could make or break their relationship. Neither is happy with the way things are. Over three days, they are thrown out of their comfort zone. Emily learns to assert herself as she struggles to save their relationship, often with humorous consequences for Brian.

In the end, Emily discovers she is more than others think of her, and hatches a plot to start a new career as a fashion blogger, with Brian her faithful sidekick. Now all she needs to do is convince Brian that's what he wants too.

Fiction & Literature
April 8
Michelle Cameron
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