Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder

Emo Reality: The Biography of Teenage Borderline Personality Disorder

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Publisher Description

Lina had the idyllic childhood—until descending into mental chaos.

Caught in a chaotic world of her own making, Lina resorts to recording her teenage thoughts to make sense of her anguish. She shares her life obsessively with her sister and her friends, in millions of words eventually found by their father.

Part memoir, part fiction, the past and present events are Lina's direct experience through her eyes, faithfully condensed by her father. The future events—Lina's therapy and mature reflections—were added by the author and a senior psychologist with access to the source material.

Lost in the dark, Lina navigates the childhood evidence later found in her archives. But will her research open a pathway to love—or help her continue down the path of blame, false memories, and spite?

Through her own heart-wrenching words, the reader steps into Lina's broken inner world to experience firsthand the emotions, depression, obsessions, irrationality, angst, and ruthlessness of teenage borderline personality disorder.

Emo Reality is Lina—past, present, and when ready, future.

★★★★★ "An unusual book about mental health and family dynamics, strangely compelling, like peeking into a diary. Some readers will bounce off the language, but those who connect will see how mental struggle can affect a family in ripples and crashing waves."—Amelia J.
★★★★★ "As a mental health therapist I found the mental health representation to be accurate and insightful. A great job of crafting an interesting narrative based on lived experience, and ending with valuable information."—Stephanie L.
★★★★★ "This book brought me to tears as Lina recounts episodes of hallucinations and misremembering. More than a case study, this is a harrowing exploration of a life living with mental illness."—Alicia C.
★★★★★ "The reader feels the visceral emotions Lina experiences and the anger, desperation, and isolation she endures. This book is a significant entry into books about mental health and brings the enormity of the psychiatric situation to bear upon the reader."—Betsy B.

Young Adult
July 28
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