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If you are looking for something to take you to the next level...

Emotional Science gives you the step-by-step practical HOW TO for INCREASING your Emotional Intelligence.

We all search for a life filled with great health, success, and amazing relationships. This requires a deep shift in mindset to create a transformed way of being that liberates personal leadership. Join us for an experiential journey to unlock high performance. You hold the key.

-Become intellectually clear to make effective decisions
-Improve your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
-Shift your consciousness to respond more intelligently

An effective guide to understand the emotional operating system.

Praise for The Emotional Freedom System™

Featuring The Get Clear Technique™
A fast and effective method to become resourceful and unlock extraordinary results.

Praise for Emotional Science

“The training is highly valuable. Afterward it all seemed obvious, but the process was insightful and liberating. I realized I was creating the issue.” —S. Kinsey, General Manager Agile, SAI Global

“The takeaway for me…was understanding how overreactions to events or circumstances are rooted in past emotional scars and can be acknowledged and explored. Powerful stuff!” —G. Beck, Agile Practice Area Director at Plaster Group, LLC

“Forget all you’ve heard… Be prepared to meet the unexpected within yourself.” —E. Ayberk, Managing Partner, Fifty1

“This model is extremely helpful as I strive to find constructive ways to deal with my emotions. As an Agile coach, I strive every day to manage my emotions so that I can better serve others on their journey. By using this model, I have a deliberate method of processing the myriad emotions that surface while I face challenges with my environment and with other people.” —J. Schreuder, Director, Agile Program Office at ARCA Worldwide

“Both Michael and Audree have the emotional beast by its horns. They guide you to emerge out of the emotional trap.” —G. Salwan, Scrum Master, AIMIA Inc.

“Simplified a deep topic to something with practical applicability whilst remaining insightful, honest, and true.” —R. Bunning Principal Trainer (CST) and Agile Coach, Scrum With Style

“Emotional Science made easy and it really works!” —M. Poonawala, Agile Project Manager, sHub ScotiaBank

“Fantastic exercises and highly revealing.” —S. Mitchell Sr. Agile Coach, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“I gained a deeper understanding of how my past has been controlling my present and how to regain control to flip the script on my life.” —M. Tielemans, Founder, Meraki Marketing

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