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Empath: A Complete Emotional Healing & Survival Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People – Overcome Fears and Develop Your Gift is the number one manual that will teach you how to live in harmony with your empathic ability.

Indeed, many highly-sensitive people have a hard time dealing with their empathic ability. Finally, this book unveils the secrets and reveals the best techniques and practices that will allow you to take control of your ability and achieve mastery.

What empathy isSigns that you are an empathUnderstanding your empathic nature and your fearsHow to sense and see energyHow to protect yourself from energy vampiresPersonal and emotional healingPowerful meditation techniquesHow to socialize for empathsBest practicesLive as an empathAnd so much more!
What's in the book?

Chapter 1 lays down the basics of empathy. Before you learn how you can control and develop your emphatic ability, you first need to have a good foundation and understanding of what being an empath is really all about.

Chapter 2 deals with introspection. When you are an empath, you need to have a good understanding of who you are. This part of the book will allow you to attain self-realization.

Chapter 3 talks about energy. The truth is that everything is energy. Quantum physics has also proven that literally everything is made up of energy, including emotions.

Chapter 4 talks about personal and emotional healing. Find out ways to heal yourself so you would not have to worry about being exposed to negative energies.

Chapter 5 discusses meditation techniques that you should do. These techniques will not just develop your ability, but they will also bring positive energy into your life.

Chapter 6 gives important guidelines on how you can socialize effectively as an empath.

Chapter 7 lays down the best practices that you should observe as an empath. These practices shall help you to live more in harmony with your ability.

Chapter 8 gives other notable pieces of advice on how you can live happily as an empath – a life of love, peace, and harmony.

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April 7
Alex C. Wolf
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