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Do you feel like you are an Empath?

People who are Empaths are highly sensitive people who has the natural ability to sense and tap into the emotional and cognitive states of others. Most are born this way, although some may develop later over the course of a lifetime. Being an Empath means that you are able to deeply feel other's experiences and emotions and often times you have a hard time separating your energy from someone else's.

Being an unprotected Empath may lead to a variety of damaging and difficult feelings. You may find that these feelings can affect you physically and emotionally and this is why it is very important to learn techniques to harness and nurture your gift.

In this complete guide, we will go over everything you need to know to thrive in life as an Empath, and also as a highly sensitive. Including:
Understanding empaths and EmpathyTraits of an EmpathSelf-tests for EmpathsLiving life as an EmpathEmpath related problems and how to overcome themHow to deal with negative entitiesTechniques to clear negative energy from your surroundingsHow to learn and control Empath abilitiesChakra development for EmpathsEmotional management techniques for Empaths
This is a lifelong guide for any sensitive person who's been told to "stop being so sensitive".

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and start learning how you can nurture your precious gift and thrive in this world.

Health, Mind & Body
April 14
Ryan James
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Melissa Ann23 ,

Great Beginners Guide

I read this book in one sitting and found it very helpful. It explains the basics of being an empath and makes things I’ve heard finally make some sense. Excited to read the next books in this series

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