Empathic Mastery: A 5-Step System to Go from Emotional Hot Mess to Thriving Success

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Publisher Description

Have you ever said any of the following?

“I feel everyone! It’s emotionally exhausting.”
“Even when my heart and soul get wounded, I still keep giving.”
“I wish I could control it. I try to block the pain but it doesn’t work.”
“I’m so alone. Nobody understands me. I thought I was the only one”
“I want to help everyone, but I’m so drained, I can hardly get out of bed.”
Being highly sensitive and empathic means you easily feel all the pain and suffering in the world around you. Without tools this can feel like a curse.

Fortunately you are not alone… and there is a solution!

Empathic Mastery is a no BS -tell it like it is- guide written for empaths by an empath who’s cracked the code on how to go from psychic overwhelm and distress to calm, confident and able to use your abilities for good.

Inside this book you will discover:

How to recognize what’s yours and what isn’t
How to release the toxic energy you absorb
How to protect yourself physically, emotionally and psychically
How to replace negativity with light and positivity
How to act and live in alignment with your Highest Good
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Praise for Empathic Mastery
Empathic Mastery is SO well-written! Sometimes books about esoteric subjects feel like you're reading a college text – not this book! It's entertaining while being informative, completely accessible, and draws you in continuously.

I believe this book will give highly sensitive empathic people a roadmap to handle the dozens of situations in which they have a uniquely difficult time. It offers a step-by-step process for handling their empathic nature effectively. With these tools, they'll feel more confident, more effective, and more in control in their lives.

I'd recommend this for anyone who thinks they might be empathic or sensitive, or anyone who deals regularly with that group, including coaches, healers, and trainers. One of the best self-help books I've read in a long time!

-- PAMELA BRUNER: CEO of Attract Clients Online & Co-Author of Tapping Into Ultimate Success with Jack Canfield

“This book uplifted my heart!

Empathic Mastery is a priceless key that empaths must grasp to unlock their magnificence. The author, Jennifer Moore shares her greatest knowledge which she obtained through self-experience in conjunction with a lifetime of education. Witnessing Jennifer’s path is not the only reason I highly recommend this book as a resource to enlighten, inspire, and guide anyone who struggles to serve the world through their empathic gifts. She also offers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in practical ways that truly allow you to harness and shine YOUR light in a glorious way.

Your struggle is over, dear empath.

This is your ultimate guidebook so you can live in splendor as you share your blessed gifts.”

-- ANNA PEREIRA: Founder of TheWellnessUniverse.com, CEO of SoulVentures

About the Author

Jennifer Moore is a mentor and healer for sensitive empathic women. Holding a Master’s degree in Psychology & Religion, she is also an accredited Master Trainer for EFT International and the founder of the Empathic Mastery Academy. Jen is the host of Empathic Mastery Radio and the creator of the Healing Tarot and two additional oracle decks. With over thirty years of professional experience, Jen combines practicality, intuition and wisdom to offer insightful perspective, loving guidance and emotional freedom to those she serves.

For more information, visit EmpathicMastery.com.

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October 20
Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
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