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Part cautionary tale, part farce, Emperors' Clothes tells the story of two executives and one mob boss who put a Sopranos' style spin on corporate strategy. 

Stewart Narciss, whose accomplished father prefers the company of his hairless cats to that of his only son, equates executive status with self-worth. To impress the movers and shakers, Stewart hooks his career to the rising power of human resources. Unfortunately for the employees on his watch, lying prostrate before his cold-fish father is the closest this executive comes to touchy feely. As his efforts to bond with his father, and his company’s CEO, are rebuffed, Stewart manipulates the succession process at TMC, assuring his place as consiglieri to a future boss.  


Enter Carol Himmler, a beautiful yet ruthless executive who chews up employees with the indifference of a wild animal eating her young. When a chemical spill results from workforce cuts she made, Carol hires mobster Sal Scruci to make the problem go away. Only problem is Scruci never goes away. All hell breaks loose when Sal reinvents himself as an executive talent scout--not a guy who takes no for an answer.  

As self-centered agendas drive shortsighted decisions, TMC Corporation heads down a bumpy road--and everything from carefully cultivated allegiances to personal integrity suffers.


Emperors' Clothes is a rollicking tale told with trenchant wit and insight, leaving readers to wonder who's really the bad guy and if the emperors ever had any clothes.

Fiction & Literature
August 1
Emerald Book Company
Greenleaf Book Group, LLC

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AK_123 ,

Awesome Book!

For anyone who wants an exciting and sophisticated read! A great book about the power hungry in the corporate world that almost anyone can relate to. Emperors' Clothes adds an exciting twist with the dirty mob and a work force desperate to keep their jobs - don't miss out!!

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