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After a long, secret military buildup, China launches a swift and deadly attack on Taiwan. But that's only their first move in a much deadlier game.

In Rick Campbell's thrilling Empire Rising, Xiang Chenglei, Chinese president and party secretary, has both a problem and a plan. The problem is that China's limited supply of oil is threatening to derail its economic growth and prosperity. Having failed to win access to a greater supply diplomatically, he sets his backup plan in motion. And what is war, but diplomacy by other means?

The U.S. Pacific Fleet is the major military force in the area, and when Taiwan is invaded, the fleet is sent in to repel the invading Chinese forces. The U.S. military expects it to be an easy operation, but after a decades-long, top-secret buildup, China has military capabilities far greater than the United States is aware of. With hidden batteries of long range missiles, advanced cyber warfare capabilities, and a submarine fleet wielding a secret weapon, China is able to overwhelm the American fleet. In fact, China all but wipes out the U.S. Pacific Fleet—leaving them free to turn to their real objective—invasion and expansion across Asia, starting with the four main islands of Japan.

While the Atlantic Fleet surges westward to defend its allies and respond to the destruction of their counterparts, it falls to an unlikely alliance of three people to stop this incursion and prevent an all-but-inevitable global war. National Security Advisor Christine O'Connor has critical information, but she's trapped in Beijing; Captain Murray Wilson, commanding officer of the submarine USS Michigan must somehow infiltrate the Chinese submarine blockade; and Navy SEAL Jake Harrison must lead a strike team into the most hostile of territories with only hours to implement the most daring plan ever.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 24
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Mncm27 ,

Great novel, far from realistic

The story as a fiction novel is very good. Hard to put down and easy to read quickly. I took one star away because it seemed a little too absurd a little too much.
The author admittedly discusses just how much fiction is in the book and at times it’s really hard to bring the story into reality in terms of how everything happens just so conveniently. I had to remind myself it was a fiction novel a lot: mostly because so much is far fetched but also because at times the descriptions give very real feeling.
Overall, a great novel if you expect and remember its just that.

Donnie runyan ,

Empire Rising

This book was outstanding.It caught me from the very first page to last.I am now a Rick Campbell fan.Also thank you for your service,because of people like you and my Dad(who served in WW2 on USS Yorktown CV5) I'm free today.

Sweetridge ,

Empire Rising

This book was extremely heavy and military details. It is a good book to practice skimming, speed reading, and just turning pages to get through a plethora of military details. If that is what turns you on this is the book for you. But if you like a book with characters that you care about and well written dialogue and a reasonable pace to the action - I would recommend you pass on this one.

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