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Just read it. Every word in this summarised document is true, and it contains the most important information to ever reach the internet. This document is written to empower the good people of the world against the tyranny which exists all around us in our world today. Effectively, the document presented here discloses concealed information regarding the extent to which medicine, science and technology has advanced in our current era.
Moreover, the information disclosed here is presented with the express intent that it is made in the public interest and it meets all the criteria set out in section 43B (a-f) of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) (UK) and the ‘public interest test’ -the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) 2013 section 17 (UK) which states that whistle blowing disclosures must be made in the public interest and should show one or more of the following-- [criminal offence, breach of legal obligation, etc].” Halliday (2013, p. 2). Furthermore, the Serious Crime Act 2015 (UK) section 41, 3ZA (which amends section 3A of the Computer Misuse Act 1990), states that it is a serious crime, punishable by imprisonment, a fine, or both, to cite hatred or spread hoaxes by use of a computer which would cause mass hysteria or public dissension.

From a legal perspective, the first questions the reader should ask are:
If the Donald Marshall has been condemning public figures since 2011, why haven’t any of these public figures issued a public statement against him, or filed a law suit against him?It is against the law to cite hatred or spread hoaxes by use of a computer, especially, that which will cause mass hysteria and public outcry; so why hasn’t Donald Marshall been imprisoned, fined, or both?
The answers to these questions are very simple. It is because every word I have stated in my original letter since 2011 (Donald Marshall Proboards 2012), the full disclosure document (Marshall 2015), and this summarised document is true. Furthermore, the internet, and radio shows with small audiences, is the only form of communications which are not controlled. All forms of television networks, even including the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN), are controlled. Therefore a message as important as this, will never reach the average man or woman through television. Consequently, the only viable options are to spread the whistle blowing disclosures through communications such as the internet and small radio shows.

Furthermore, I am a victim of current concealed advances in medicine, science and technology described below. There are many, many, other victims of abuse, including myself; therefore, it is our plea: that you read this document with an open mind, and you investigate ALL statements which may initially irk you, and appear ‘suspect’ to begin with (the circumstantial evidence is available all around you); keep in mind that the abuse described occurs due to hidden advancements in science, medicine and technology; because
as a victim of abuse, I can honestly say, there is nothing worse than experiencing abuse, and those who have the power to protect you from your abusers, ignore you.

October 23
Golden Truth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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