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Release the negative thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down and make room for the good things you should have in your life with #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen.
You were created to be filled with joy, peace, confidence, and creativity. But it's easy to go through life holding on to things that weigh you down-guilt, resentment, doubt, worry. When you give space to these negative emotions, they take up space that you need for the good things that move you toward your destiny.
How much room are you giving to shame, to regret, to being against yourself? Whatever it is, it's too much. Life is too short for you to live bitter and discouraged, letting your circumstances hold you back. Every morning you have to empty out anything negative from the day before and put on a fresh new attitude. Power up and get your mind going in the right direction, and you'll step into all the new things God has in store for you.

Religion & Spirituality
November 10
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Carola D Champ ,

Empty Out The Negative

Joel Osteen has changed my life and my way of thinking. Great book. I am blessed. I am anointed. I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!!! In Jesus name... Amen!!!

scubajoj ,

Inconsistent message

Page 41 he makes a terrible comparison to Adam and Eve’s admission of nakedness and God telling me “who told you that you aren’t qualified?” When God asked who identified their nakedness, he was acknowledging their realization of shame. It was true that they were naked. To then claim God is asking who told us we aren’t qualified in the next few sentences is a discouraging statement because of how the comparison was written. The paragraph is written to say, “how did you find out the truth that you aren’t qualified?” Just like they discovered the truth about being naked.

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