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From New York Times Bestselling Author Madeline Martin comes a steamy, suspenseful prequel novella to the Borderland Ladies

After her mother was killed in an English raid, Ena Davidson spent her life fighting for survival, despising the men who stole so much from her family. Bran, her younger brother, is all she has left. To feed them, he risks his life as a reiver. Determined to protect Bran, Ena sneaks into a raiding party going to England. She expects to find danger in the perilous, hostile borderlands--not love.

Renault Blanchard has worked hard to escape his meager childhood, vowing to never return to begging on the streets. When an earl considers him for a coveted position among the castle guards, Renault knows that he must prove himself. He spies on the Scottish, an easy and uneventful task, until he discovers a feisty lass with a wild spirit and a fire that ignites his own passion.

Despite all the odds against them, Ena and Renault slowly begin to trust each other. But old wounds run deep, and these star-crossed lovers face treachery from all sides. Will their love be strong enough, or will the fragile, intimate bond between them be shattered by hate?

February 25
Madeline Martin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Lail@LCReads ,

I ♥️’d this riveting enemies to lovers story❣️

Ena's Surrender: A Scottish Medieval Romance (Borderland Ladies Book 0) by Madeline Martin 5 Stars!
I ♥️’d this riveting enemies to lovers story❣️
It was a great read and fun to visit some of the characters from “The Borderland Ladies Series” which has become one of my favorite series. This story is about the violent living along the English and Scottish borderlands where both sides steal livestock and raid villages along with killing and violating women. Ena is Scottish and lives with her brother who are all that’s left of their family after the English broke down their door and killed their older brother at the age of 7 and their mother. Ena was wounded and left her for dead but, her younger brother Bran had taken care of her until she healed enough to leave their home. This is a riveting story of enemies to lovers with spies, betrayal, violence, danger, treason, and an awaking of human decency and kindness regardless of what side of the border your from. I enjoyed this exciting and steamy love story and, I highly recommend it to all historical romance readers!
Happy Reading♥️
Adult content.

lfdykes ,


Enchanting. Yes that is a great word for this heartfelt story, although there are many more. Ena was a reiver. Well, no, not officially, but she was fierce and only wanted to help her brother and the others who raided the English to have enough food to eat. What she found she could not do was kill a man. One specifically, the one time she disguised herself as a boy and got into a skirmish with him. She just couldn't do it. Little did she know that same man would show up at their hut and try to steal her goat Maribel. Yes that is a story in itself!
Renault Blanchard was that man that Ena attacked and when he saw she was a woman, he realized she could not bring herself to kill him. When he walked through the town he heard a goat bleating and thought to take it, but who did he run into? Ena, the fierce Scottish warrior he had encountered.
Scots and English. Enemies. But sometimes none of that matters except the outside forces that will try to keep them apart.
This has been such an amazing series with each story pulling at my heart. Madeline Martin, again shows her marvelous skills as a top notch story teller that always leaves me wanting more. Lucky for me and thousands of other readers, I know there are more books she will write and I can only wait patiently.

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