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The Elven Enchantress, Reilena, is one of the few living sorcerors who harvest sexual energy and channel it into dark and powerful magicks that bewitch the mind and beguile the body. 

When she and her lithe young apprentice, Kat, descend into the underground to recover a powerful artifact, their dangerous journey quickly turns to lovemaking. But soon their passions are interrupted by an unexpected foe: a cadre of dark elves, twisted and wicked foes of the surface elves, who take them captive and submit them to their bidding!

Reilena is enthralled by these strange and deviant beings, and sets out to bend them to her will in the only way she knows how: through a combination of her dark magicks and the powers of her own flesh.


The men pushed a small table out of the way, bringing her to the chair that now sat alone in the middle of the room and pushing her forcefully into it. The dark elf woman emerged from the doorway last, smiling as she looked Reilena up and down.

"I'm not usually one to enjoy female flesh," she began, untying the laces of her bodice, "but in your case it seems I must make an exception.” The dark elf ran her hands over the dark leather loosely framing her voluptuous chest. “Our spies, however, tell me you have no such reservations.”

Reilena glared back at her captor defiantly, a hint of amusement in her eye. Was this the game the dark elves hoped to play? If so, she was certainly prepared to play along.

“Ungag the surface elf. I wish to hear her speak.”

The men hastened to comply. Their looks of hatred were plainly visible, but they could also not hide the unwilling glances at her ample bodice, could not disguise the way their fingers lingered on her flesh a moment too long. So they, too, would be easy.

At last the strap was pulled free from her mouth. Reilena licked her parched lips, the lingering taste of leather tickling her tongue. She smiled confidently at the dark elf woman, looking her up and down with admiring eyes.

“I can’t say I dislike what I am seeing, either, Mistress.”

The blue-skinned woman laughed wickedly. “I've been told you surface elves have deviant ways far beyond what my people could imagine. That your wickedness is only matched by your depravity."

“And I have been told the same,” Reilena purred, “though I find it highly unlikely to be outclassed in terms of depravity.”

The dark elf purred as she released the strands of her bodice, the top falling to the floor...

Fiction & Literature
November 11
Danica Slate
Draft2Digital, LLC

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