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When people looked at Austin King, they thought he had everything. And he did…once. Shelby was his everything, his world. Sure they were young, but it didn’t matter. He knew in his gut, he knew it with everything they were meant to be. People told him all the time he was out of his mind, no one married their first girlfriend, but they were wrong– or so he thought.

As soon as Austin got the chance of a lifetime, Shelby was gone. Sure he was living it up in the hottest band out there, but all the fame and money meant nothing without her. It felt more like a tragedy.

When a tornado rips their hometown apart, Austin runs home to help out. It doesn’t matter that he’s been avoiding the place like the plague. His family needs him. The moment he sees Shelby, all the reasons he’s stayed away suddenly don’t matter. One look in her haunted eyes, and he knows he’s made a big mistake. He thought that by staying gone, he was making her happy, but he had been wrong. He didn’t care how many times she told him they didn’t work, he knew they were perfect for each other. She might be stubborn, but he was determined to win her back. That’s why he wasn’t leaving until they got their encore.

February 23
Emily Robertson
Emily Robertson

Customer Reviews

JennHevy ,

Sweet and spicy second chance romance

I loved the kick off to the new series Love and Harmony! Encore had all the feels and just enough heat. Robertson does a great job developing the supporting characters, making the reader want to get to know them better in upcoming books. I loved how determined Austin was in getting what he wanted and needed. And Shelby is very sweet and true to herself. I may have been reading too much into it, but I'm hoping Dani & Nate end up getting together. Here's one reader waiting with bated-breath for the next book. In the mean time enjoy a fun escape with Encore

Moonlight579 ,

Finding your forever

This book was so down to earth. I love rock star books and second chances. It was the best of both worlds for me. Austin and Shelby have had a rough past. When tragedy strikes Austins life, Shelby’s life is set into turmoil too. Meeting your past again is always hard but seeing your past love is the hardest when you still love them. Austin is such a great boy. He loves his family to pieces. His mom, brother, sister and niece are so important to him. Its just one thing he has in common Shelby. She fits right into his family well, too well she always thought. The things that tore them apart, can they be fixed after all these years? I can see so many possible storylines coming from this book! I can’t wait to read and find out what the next installment has in store for us. Enjoy!

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