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An Apollo 11 astronaut and the Nebula Award–nominated author of Directive 51 present a novel that “conveys the wonder and promise of space” (Publishers Weekly).

Born the year of the Moon landing, Chris Terence spends his life fighting to return humanity to that pinnacle. An engineering student with dreams of spaceflight, he finds upon graduation that the United States no longer has need for astronauts. Years of bureaucratic meddling have reduced the space program to a shell of itself, and it will take the greatest scientific find in history to send humanity skyward once more. After years battling budget hawks, Chris finally gets his chance to walk on the Moon. While there, he finds evidence of an ancient alien civilization, the Tiberians, who visited Earth’s satellite eight thousand years before. Understanding what happened to those long-forgotten travelers will define the lives of Chris and his son, as they fight against all odds to unlock the secrets of the universe.

“The collaboration of the first man to pilot a moon lander (Aldrin) with a major voice in contemporary science fiction (Barnes) has produced a fascinating chronicle of man’s first encounter with alien intelligence” (Booklist).

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 28
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Avlmj ,

Encounter with Tiber

A very enjoyable read. Rich in technical detail, character development, with a very interesting plot timeline and narrative that not only shifted through generations, but species. Exceeded my expectations.

Very Happy Apple Customer ,

Got It Wrong

Not even close to the correct predictions of the space program or the environmental concerns in the future, which is today. Stopped reading early in the first book. See the latest SpaceX successes and read Abundance byPeter Diamandis and Steven Kotter as to where we are and headed in 2020.

Property location ,

Great read

Always fast paced and absorbing. Young minds will still be thrilled with both the science and story.

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