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Experience the morning homilies of Pope Francis and witness  how he continues to change the life of the Catholic Church.
Shortly after seven in the morning, Pope Francis gives a brief homily in the little Vatican chapel of Saint Martha, in front of an audience that is always different: gardeners, office workers, nuns and priests, as well as a growing group of journalists. It is a set appointment, and in some ways a revolutionary innovation, where a pope speaks to everyone, off the cuff, without any written text, as he would have done as a parish priest.

Encountering Truth
is a collection of highlights from these homilies from March 2013 to May 2014. Along with summaries by Radio Vaticana (who recorded and transcribed the homilies) and commentary by Father Antonio Spadaro, SJ, these reflections provide moments of inspiration, simplicity, and a glimpse into the papal world very few ever get to experience.

Religion & Spirituality
June 16
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Customer Reviews

attyjames ,

Don’t read this like I did

I will start by admitting that I read this book all wrong. I read it like it was a novel. I just plowed through, reading as many chapters at once, as I could. It did not take long for me to realize that this is not the way that this book should be read. Rather, it should be read as a devotional. The chapters are each based on a homily given by the Pope, and it covers daily homilies for almost exactly one year.

The homilies are all based on the lectionary readings for that day, and ideally, one should read the scripture readings FIRST. (These are at the END of each chapter). After reading the scriptures, THEN you should read and reflect on that chapter/homily for that day.

There are many very meaningful and beautiful passages in this book. The Pope is a wise and Holy man. He is truly a beautiful human being. He seems truly blessed in spirit and it is not hard to picture him having a “direct line to God.”

I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I would have enjoyed it more, in my opinion, if I had taken more time with each chapter…one a day. The book is entitled, “Encountering Truth.” There is a lot of TRUTH in here.

I find myself liking this Pope a great deal, and I feel like I learned a lot more about him through this book. I recommend it…as a devotional!

James Frederick

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