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Professor Tikaya Komitopis isn’t a great beauty, a fearless warrior, or even someone who can walk and chew chicle at the same time, but her cryptography skills earn her wartime notoriety. When enemy marines show up at her family’s plantation, she expects the worst.

But they’re not there to kill her. They need her to decode mysterious runes, and they ask for help in the manner typical of a conquering empire: they kidnap her, threaten her family, and throw her in the brig of their fastest steamship.

Her only ally is a fellow prisoner who charms her with a passion for academics as great as her own. Together, they must decipher mind-altering alchemical artifacts, deadly poison rockets, and malevolent technological constructs, all while dodging assassination attempts from a rival power determined the expedition should fail. As if the situation weren’t treacherous enough, this new “ally” may turn out to be the last person Tikaya should trust. Those runes cloak more than mysteries, however, and he’s the only one who can help her unravel them before their secrets destroy the world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 13
Lindsay Buroker
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Smithocracy ,

Great read

Lindsay Buroker is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I have enjoyed her Emperor's Edge series, and Encrypted does not disappoint. The characters are intriguing and the plot fun and fast paced. This is a great world she created and is a new favorite place to escape.

I only gave it four stars because of the swearing in this book. It is not in the others. I will be honest, I am not a fan of swearing in any book, but for this world it seemed really unnatural. Each word, although there were only a few, took me out of the Buroker Universe and back into ours. She had previously set up a lot of world related slang, such as "rust" or "eat street." To see our own common slang just seemed out of place and unnatural to the societies in that world. So minus one star on that. Otherwise great book, I recommend her to all.

poparazi1 ,


A very well written story. It drags you in and you find yourself side by side with the story characters. You feel and live the story not only read it. It does not disappoints you. I recommend it to any one with a working imagination. As good as jumanji.
Read it, it’s worth every minute you spend reading it. The end come way too soon. You will wish for it to be a few thousand words longer.



I thoroughly enjoyed this Encrypted. Very interesting storyline. I couldn’t put it down!

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