Endometriosis - Healing from the Inside Out: Your Guide to Healing and Managing Endometriosis Through Gentle Natural Therapies

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Endometriosis – Healing from the Inside Out

Endometriosis is a devastating disease causing many disabling symptoms and much emotional distress.

A pharmaceutical and surgical approach to endometriosis isn't always effective, has risks, and leads to high rates of recurrence and the need for more medication and more surgeries.

The guidance and advice in this book will steer you in the right direction, to help you manage this disease more naturally and help you to recover your health.

Author and Integrative Health Coach Carolyn Levett was able to heal from severe endometriosis going the natural route, with proof of her healing from her gynaecologist who said 'All her active endometriosis had dried up.'

If you are now looking for safer natural solutions to managing this disease then 'Endometriosis – Healing from the Inside Out' is the guide that will provide you with the resources to help you on your own healing journey.

In this book you will find guidance on:
Many natural remedies you can use to reduce your symptomsSupporting your immune system which is your in-built healing mechanismDetailed information about various natural therapiesWorking to eliminate triggers of pain, inflammation and estrogen dominanceAdvice to help with insomnia, endo-belly, constipation and fatigueGuidance on diet, nutrition and supplements that can help specific symptomsHow to cope with the emotional impact of dealing with this diseaseA look at other health issues like thyroid, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigueSuccess stories from other endometriosis sufferers to provide motivationRounded off with a collection of tasty anti-inflammatory recipes
This is not a 'quick-fix' manual, rather it is a comprehensive resource providing sign-posts to many natural remedies and self-help measures to support your health.  Endometriosis is a whole-body disease and as such the whole body – physical, mental and emotional need to be taken into account.

The aim of this book is to offer you confidence and inspiration to using gentle natural remedies, so that you can start to manage this disease more naturally and regain your health.

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February 27
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