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A disrespected ship, exiled to lonely patrol in the dark corners of the solar system.
A crew of screw-ups, written off by the entire fleet.
They're about to change everything.
If they don't blow themselves up first.

Join the Endurance's crew - a trigger-happy first officer, a hyperactive engineer, a shy covert operative, a conspiracy-spouting physicist, and a captain trying to earn his way back into his superiors' good graces - as they explore the galaxy by accident and trip their way into saving the world.

This anthology includes all five Endurance novellas, as well as two bonus short stories.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 13
A. C. Spahn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

abstractgrrl ,


I loved this book! I especially enjoyed Matthias, Areva, and Victor. It’s an easy read and fun. The price was ridiculously low for such a good read.
I will surely search out more A.C Spahn to explore.

Mr Piggy 2U ,

Perfect Science Fiction

I loved this book.

It seems like too many science fiction books these days have too much going on - too many sub-plots in one book. I don’t know the rationale for writing that way. I get worn out trying to keep everybody and everything straight.

This book was perfect. There’s just one main story. The story moves, so it’s not boring. It’s light without being frivolous or inconsequential.

Final point - I love authors that can write a good book without including swearing. Stories can be told without the inclusion of foul language. This book is an excellent example of that.

Parepidemos ,

So much fun!

An entertaining romp reminiscent of Galaxy Quest but with characters who play themselves— captivatingly, hilariously. I hope to read more of the adventures of the Alegria (now that the Endurance has met a fitting end) and, obviously, meet some new characters on that newly-built ship’s shakedown cruise to the far arm of the galaxy...

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