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Former FBI Special Agent Jim McLeary is on a dangerous mission. Paired with an adversarial female partner and an egocentric Section Chief with a hidden agenda, McLeary must prevent an elusive enemy from releasing a silent weapon of mass destruction.

Hindered by a tainted past, a gauntlet of double-agents, covert operatives, and a guilty conscience—McLeary comes face-to-face with his worst fear: the cost of victory may prove more than he can afford.

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ABOUT Jason Melby

Jason Melby's suspense novels feature dynamic characters overwhelmed by extraordinary circumstances forcing them to confront their greatest fears.

A graduate of Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins University, Jason currently resides in Melbourne, Florida.

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Customer Reviews

gutzy854 ,

The enemy within

Great book. Hard to put down. Lots of twist and turns. Amazed at how the author developed the story spinning wildly at the end. I have found a new author who writes amazing suspenseful stories. I have read all four books. look forward to his next one.

Spaghetti & Meatballs ,

Enemy Among Us

OMG, this is an action-packed booked if ever I have read one! Superb writing, skilled intertwining of characters and events! Absolutely fantastic read. I plan on reading more from this author. What a wonderfully exciting "free" book. Thank You!

Ellebeebee ,

Enemy Among Us

Tried hard, but couldn't even finish. Note to Mr Melby: when you describe a protagonist as a "C-cup" in the first few pages, you'll have lost a lot of women readers who otherwise love a good action/espionage read. Characters are shallow, action is disjointed and wildly improbable, and all sorts of extraneous issues and venues raised -- for what? Half the book deals with the angst of college true love, and a girlfriend's pregnancy and infidelity. (Spoiler alert.) Then, she's shot dead and never mentioned again. Also, to whomever this publisher may be, I'd suggest that you might want to hire a real editor or two -- you know, the sort who recognizes that subject-verb agreement counts (the employee scanned their fingerprints . . .) and that the description of one of the characters setting the dinner table (fondly recalling his mother's teachings of the fork on the right and knife and spoon on the left). Charles Cummins or Daniel Silva this guy is not. So, $3.99 wasted; oh, well, I've spent less on a bad slice.

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