Energy Thieves, Energy Shields: Protect Yourself from Draining People and Negative Atmosphere

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Everything in the universe is made up of energy. We all need it, we all create it and we all use it all the time. Problems start when someone has too much or too little. Whenever we interact with others, we absorb some of their energy, but we also let them take in some of ours. That way, energy flows in and out of our system, helping us maintain good physical and mental health.

However, in real life it rarely works like that. What often happens is that some “needy” people use others as battery chargers, sucking so much of their energy that they are sometimes left running on empty until they’ve recovered, or forced to go and “steal” energy from someone else, in order to be able to function. We call these “needy” people energy thieves or energy vampires.

Energy thieves are people who literally drain you of emotional and physical energy, either with their negative attitude or with constant demands for attention. They usually complain a lot, and although many of their problems may be real, I often get a feeling that somehow they turn even ordinary incidents into major issues, just so they would have something to complain about. There’s always some kind of crisis going on in their life and the moment they walk into a room, you know that everybody’s attention now has to turn to them.

We generate energy all day long, even when we sleep. We create it, use it, absorb it from others (people or places) or give it to others (voluntarily or not). In any case, energy circulates around us all the time. But, energy can be easily lost. Sources of energy drain can be people, big cities, media, electro pollution, etc. There are many ways of preventing energy drain by protecting yourselves from people or situations where you feel under psychic attack, and one of them is by grounding yourself mentally, i.e. by setting boundaries in relation to those you feel threatened by.

Stand your ground and protect your “space” (i.e. your views, beliefs, choices). I treated mental grounding as a sort of a warm-up before going to a tough meeting, because thinking in advance about how much I was willing to “give in”, always helped me come to a meeting well prepared. Grounding also boosts your confidence. It’s not easy to intimidate someone who is fully “centred”.

Health, Mind & Body
February 20
Zarrine Flores
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