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Prevention, health and wellness are among the most crucial topics employers should focus on to improve their workforce’s health, maximize productivity and controlling rising healthcare costs. In the current economic climate promoting employee health and wellness and managing healthcare costs are intertwined and more important than ever. This book provides insight from over 50 industry experts on how to successfully implement, operate and measure a corporate wellness program including successful case studies from small, midsized and large employers. Additionally, the book teaches how to engage and motivate employees to become active in their health, and with other valuable insights. So open this book and learn how your company can go about Engaging Wellness.


“This book details the must haves, including incentive strategies, biometric screenings, chronic condition support, workplace culture, defining/measuring success and more. The secret to success is how you design these features to motivate your unique workforce, impact your company’s specific challenges and your vision for success”

-Tami Graham, Global Benefits Design Director for Intel

“Why has it taken so long for employers to realize that leadership commitment determines the success of a wellness program. Read the book. It gives incredible ideas and meaningful case studies. This is the book whose timing is right. It matches a rising competitiveness for health and wellness initiatives in this country and abroad.”

-Missy Jarrott, Director of Human Resources, Chatham Steel Corporation

“This informative and comprehensive book could not have come at a better time! With the state of healthcare in the US it is essential that individuals take responsibility for their health; and employers can assist by providing ways for their employees to become engaged in heatlh and wellness to improve their overall well-being.”

-Cheri Fisher, Program Director for Honeywell Health and Wellness Center.

October 19
Corporate Health & Wellness Association
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Customer Reviews

Courville_1 ,

Excellent book

Excellent and informative book.

grantmalachii ,

Fantastic read

I needed this book for the Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist course. I am pleased I bought and read the book. It full of information from some of the best minds in the industry, and the case studies give great examples of how other programs are operating.

Aaronj Jacck ,

Love this Guidebook

The fact that this book is more of guidebook to how to create a program which fits the needs of your workplace, rather than a book recommending a cookie cutter program sets this book a part. It presents and unbiased telling of the crucial areas of the industry.

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