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The English Danish Joke Book is an excellent way for Danish people to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Danish. Now there is audio for all the English jokes. Great jokes like:

   En folkeskolelærer sad i bussen. Hun var næsten sikker på, at hun genkendte manden, der sad overfor hende.

   ”Undskyld mig”, sagde hun. “Er De far til et af mine børn?”

and this classic:

   ”Jeg har læst så mange bøger om at ryge og om at drikke, at jeg har besluttet at droppe det”.

   ”At ryge eller at drikke?”

   ”At læse”.

I first learnt German by telling jokes to people in my awful German. But I quickly progressed and now I’m pretty fluent – and know lots of great jokes as well. When you’re trying to improve your skills in a foreign language, reading is one of the best ways – and reading jokes is probably the best of all. The best way to use this book is to treat it like a swimming pool on a warm day. Dip in now and again and it is a very pleasant experience. If you stay in too long you won’t enjoy it as much. To sum up, 10 good reasons for downloading The English Danish Joke Book.

It improves your reading skills.
It improves your spelling – and your writing.
It will give you some interesting new vocabulary.
Jokes are short – and you will be rewarded with a laugh (or a groan).
Jokes are memorable – so you can tell your friends the jokes later.
If you’re a teacher, you can entertain your students.
If you’re a student, you can entertain your teachers.
It’s available in a wide variety of formats
It’s available from a wide variety of suppliers so you can choose.
It is a GREAT way to improve your English – or Danish.

December 19
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Keith Taylor

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