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Welcome to English Essentials: Composition! This is the second complete iBooks Textbook of the wildly popular English Essentials iTunes U and iBooks Textbook series and is useful to new and experienced writers as well as teachers of writing.

In the four major essay assignments in this iBooks Textbook, you will go on a journey of exploration and storytelling of culture, as well as the analysis of problems and persuasion of solutions. Special attention will be given to the role of purpose and audience in your writing, and the use of high-quality, scholarly research to provide evidence to your claims. Chapters are full of interactive videos and content, including classroom and individual study activities that will help you brainstorm, write, revise, and creatively reflect and make new meaning. 

This iBooks Textbook is best paired with the iTunes U public course “English Essentials: Composition” or an in-person college-level writing course.

August 19
HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College
Harrisburg Area Community College

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Please don’t cancel this program.

It’ll be nice if Apple can continue with this program. I’m just finding out about iTunes U and it will be very helpful if Apple can continue with iTunes U. A whole lot of us will be grateful.

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English essentials

I’ve just gotten to start on this I tunes university. Please don’t take them away. Most people don’t have the time I know I haven’t and now I’ve found the time they are going away! Nooo! Come on apple I wish I had found them or understood what it was years ago but it wouldn’t have mattered because I didn’t have time. Anyway I’ll keep it simple one of if not the best thing apple has ever done!! Please don’t take this free opportunity away from people. Most probably like myself won’t take advantage of it till it’s too late but what about the 1% ers that see it and have the time and don’t make excuses? I’m absolutely positive some pretty smart people used these courses to benefit their entire life and the lives of their families. To good to go away that’s my take. I hope and pray you can see it that way as well. Please consider it. It took me 24 years to figure out this I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out podcast. If their like tv it’s mostly drama juiced for viewers and that means lies or maybe just ratings is all they care about. I like it when it’s from the gut. You know someone actually cared enough about others to put in time and effort for someone else! Thanks for hearing a blessed 99%er whose made every excuse in the book but has never written the book of excuses!

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