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The path to enlightenment takes passion, honesty, faith, hope, and, 

most importantly, love. 


In Enlightenment, his second collection of poetry, poet Raminder Bajwa 

explores the deepest depths of the human soul and the universal longing for



Divided into five sections titled “Love,” “Truth,” “Secrets,” “Prayers,” 

and “Enlightenment,” these captivating poems take a raw and candid look at 

our humanness and what it means to be alive. Like a jolt of emotional 

current, Bajwa gives voice to what the soul only feels—propelling us to 

keep searching, reaching, and loving. 


Poems such as “Gorgeous Chaos,” “The Man Without a Face,” 

“Dreams, Wishes, and the Universe,” and “That Last Drop of Tears” use 

striking imagery and metaphor to convey shared human experience. 

With threads of wisdom woven through every page, this collection will 

challenge and inspire both scholar and layperson alike with purpose, 

wisdom, and imagination.


Fiction & Literature
February 9
Raminder Bajwa
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

CharisseNicole ,

'Find Me Such a Heaven'

I absolutely love stumbling across new poets and their collections. Poetry is such a personal expression that a good poet is able to bare their souls and truly share their innermost private thoughts with strangers. Enlightenment by Raminder Bajwa is no exception. His works bring to mind the poetry and sonnets of some of the great English poets.

Each piece is unique, yet they all have central themes: love, death, life, and faith. These universal concepts allow for these works to be digested easily. As you progress deeper into the book, the works and the subject matter become increasingly more complex and mature, starting with young love and running the gamut all the way through to religion and our personal walks with God. 'Where God Begins' was a favorite of mine. The concept of abandoning your fears to discover an ever deeper meaning to your life was very touching.

I am so happy to have discovered this book. Bajwa's voice reflects many of my own thoughts, and in many ways is actually an accurate pulse of modern times and what is important to us. We know that there is more to this life and we are seeking it: through love, through faith, through ourselves. Excellent read.

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