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Some people are born rich, others are born poor. Some are born healthy; others are born with genetic diseases. Some have loving parents, others have abusive parents. Some have high intelligence, others have low intelligence. Some are born with natural beauty and others are perceived to not be so beautiful according to different views. Well, after all, is said and done and no matter how much we may attempt to bring fairness into human societies vocabulary, all around us as different as we all are, we will see unfairness and even injustice. The question now becomes that; how is it fair that some people start out with all the advantages, while others have two steps against them from the moment they are born?
I mean they have had everything handed to them without having to work for it. Some of them might even be arrogant about it, even though they did nothing to deserve their good fortune. But then child of the soil, how does their fairness affect your life in any way?
We all know the answer even though we might not admit that we do.
We are not affected in any way!
We have found ourselves in positions where it has become commonly easy to blame situations we find ourselves in for our shortcomings than it is to take responsibility for it. Just do some deep introspection and observe that somewhere in this world, particularly in the same environment you are blaming your situation for, someone was dealt a horrible situation than you were, and still managed to turn it around.
Bringing this one home: You might blame your teacher from high school for not teaching properly and giving you the necessary attention to pass well and head straight to university, which has to lead you to a position where you are now struggling because of that particular teacher, But hear this one, from the very same class and the very same period that your teacher was not teaching you enough and giving you proper attention came out a student who passed well and shot straight to varsity and now is making head waves because of that particular moment that you are complaining about, as being the barrier for why you cannot move your life forward.
Someone else made it
How did this student do it?
She/he understood that in every situation you find yourself in, positive or negative, the one common thread is you.
It is your responsibility and yours alone, (not the teacher). I want you to recognize that regardless of what has happened up to this point in your life, you also contributed.
From the beginning of your creation, you have been wired with the capacity to take charge of your situation and life. Should it be that those who are appointed to see you through a particular journey, are not doing their job to enable you to get there, you have within you the capacity to grab your journey by its horn, push yourself beyond the limit which is set for you and make it.
Responsibility is in your hand.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you ENTITLEMENT!

June 29
Solomon Nkwana, Sr
Smashwords, Inc.