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A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Gabrielle Wilson has the perfect life: a Beverly Hills mansion, a loving family, and a massively successful PR firm. When her father admits that an affair he had years before resulted in a daughter, Gabrielle is shocked, but is actually happy. Could this be the sister she has been praying for all her life?

Keisha Jones’s life is a struggle. Her late mother worked on the streets, and school was its own nightmare. When Gabrielle offers to fly Keisha out of Arkansas to meet the family, Keisha instantly agrees. But Gabrielle doesn’t realize that Keisha has known about the Wilsons for years. Keisha is determined to have everything she has always envied, and nothing can stand in her way.

Includes a reading group guide with an author Q&A and discussion questions for book clubs.

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June 19
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Diva_material ,

Envy Spells Danger!!!

Victoria Christopher Murray nailed the 2nd book in the Seven Deadly Sins series. Keisha suffered some significant trauma in her life. Keisha desired to know her father and an opportunity presented itself when her mother died. Not only did Keisha learn about her father, but she also gained a sister as well. Keisha became obsessive with her sister’s success by comparing Gabrielle’s lifestyle with the reality tv shows. This story reveals the difference between the upbringing of the two sisters. Regan and Mauricio had their suspicions about the family addition based on some action and behavior. Elijah tries to develop a relationship with his new daughter, but does she want a relationship with him. Bella triggered some dark secrets Keisha shared. Buck was Keisha’s rock and well hidden from her new family. Read the book to find out why those two are so loyal to each other.

I truly enjoyed reading this book; it is a page-turner. There are times I wanted to cuss characters out and times I cried with them. Envy was an emotional story where the flashback allowed you to connect with the characters and show empathy. We learned: the meaning of sisterhood displayed between sisters and sister-friends, tested marriages, pain, forgiveness, motherhood, and trust. I have mixed feeling about how the story ends; I do not know what I would do until I am their shoes. I guess. Enjoy the story.

Kim_COS ,

Kim _COS

I really enjoyed this book. Looking at Envy from two perspectives was good. I like the sister bonding and the unconditional forgiveness. I also enjoyed how the book unfolds Keisha life in memories throughout the book. As the book progressed you understood her more and more. I have read Lust and look forward to reading Greed.

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