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Enzo’s diary is an universal message written in the form of stories in which Enzo, the main character, has various adventures. These short stories join fundamental values to simple illustrations. With a nod towards morality, this original blend enables children to learn and appreciate the simplicity of life, a value too quickly forgotten in our modern society. It also enables them to discover the French language while enriching the vocabulary of their mother tongue. 

This concept is very close to my heart and I would like to share with you Enzo’s world, a universe created by my wife the French author Sonia Colasse, illustrated by the English artist Sarah Bainton and translated by several language teachers working in various parts of the world.


Le carnet de bord d’Enzo est un message universel écrit sous forme de petites histoires au cours desquelles le personnage Enzo vit diverses aventures. Ces historiettes associent des valeurs fondamentales de la vie à des illustrations simples. Cette association complice fait un petit clin d’oeil au sens moral pour apprendre et apprécier la simplicité de la vie vite oubliée dans notre société moderne. De même, chaque récit encourage l’enfant à découvrir la langue française tout en enrichissant le vocabulaire de sa langue maternelle. 

Il me tient à coeur de partager ce concept avec vous, et je vous invite à découvrir l’univers d’Enzo, écrit exclusivement par mon épouse Sonia Colasse, auteur française, illustré par l’artiste anglaise Sarah Bainton et traduit par plusieurs professeurs enseignant dans différents coins du monde.

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January 24
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Anoushkaia ,

Excellent collection

As a native French speaker and French teacher in the USA, i am impressed by French author Sonia Colasse's collection of bilingual books. Each plot is not only fun but also clever with a good and simple message about life for children. So i decided to get the 12 books shortly after checking them out.
The books are colorful with a very zen design illustrating their entertaining and poetical stories. My 3 kids (age 7, 5 and 3) really like them as they love to hear Enzo's stories in both languages. This cool pedagogical material helps them integrate their bilingual lives in a spontaneous way at home. Besides, each child feels special to read a book devoted to his/her month of birth. These books are a great way to work on the French language with children as well as an opportunity to have a special time reading within the classroom or as a family. I am also excited for the CD recordings of the books to be released soon.

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