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Epididymitis and orchitis are common infections in young men especially after bacterial infection and injuries to the testicular region.
They also occur in adults after contacting sexually transmitted diseases.
There is pain and swelling in the testes.
Epididymitis is a medical disorder that causes inflammation of the epididymis that joins the testis with the vas deferens due to bacterial or viral infections of the epididymis.
The epididymis is the small tube lying on top of the testis
Epididymitis is most common in young men ages 19 to 35 and more common than Orchitis
It is most often produced by a bacterial infection.
Infection often begins in the urethra, the prostate or the bladder.
Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are most frequently the cause the problem in young heterosexual men
The following increase the risk for epididymitis:
1. Recent surgery
2. Past structural problems in the urinary tract
3. Regular use of a urethral catheter
4. Sexual intercourse with more than one partner and not using condoms
The use of a medication called amiodarone which treats abnormal heart rhythms is another cause of epididymitis.
Epididymitis may begin with a low fever, chills, and a feeling of heaviness in the testicle area.
The area will get more sensitive to pressure and become painful as the condition progresses.
Other symptoms are:
1. Ejaculation of blood in the semen
2. Pain during ejaculation
Physical finding will indicate a red, tender swelling on the involved part of the s*****m.
Ultrasound of the epididymis shows inflammation and enlargement of the testis and epididymis
The doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.
Sexually transmitted diseases need specific antibiotics.
The sexual partners should also be treated.
The patient may require pain medicines and anti-inflammation medicines.
If the disease is due to taking of amiodarone, the patient will need to lower the dose or change the medicine.
To ease discomfort:
1. Rest lying down with the s*****m elevated.
2. Apply ice packs to the painful area.
The patient will need to follow up with the doctor to make sure the infection has cleared completely.
1. Antibiotics may be started if there is high fever or the culture indicated evidence of bacterial infection.
2. Fever and pain may be treated with paracetamol
3. Scrotal support helps to relieve the painful swollen testis
Chapter 1 Epididymitis
Chapter 2 Causes
Chapter 3 Symptoms
Chapter 4 Diagnosis
Chapter 5 Treatment
Chapter 6 Prognosis
Chapter 7 Orchitis
Chapter 8 Testis Torsion

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