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Continued from Erica's Intrigue

Erica and Alan must suffer through the aftermath of her kidnapping and the thwarted attempt to sell her into sexual slavery. Erica realized that her worse fears have come true the first time Alan tries to make love to her. Her desire to be a gorgeous centerfold has negatively impacted her all-consuming love with Alan. However, love has it ways of wining.

Erica discovered three things about herself during her erotic journey. 1. She is beautiful, an exhibitionist and craves sexual excitement. 2. She still has desires for a career and erotic modeling is now a career that fits with her exhibitionism. 3. She doesn’t want any of it without Alan and she wants to be his sexual submissive.

In her reemergence party Alan re-creates one of her recurring exhibitionist fantasies and dresses Erica as his sex slave. He takes her back to the restaurant where he first exposed her and once again fulfills her wildest fantasies. She is exposed and ravished by the man she loves in front of an audience. One of the members in the audience is on the board of Playboy and makes another attempt to bring Erica in for a photo shoot. This time Alan controls everything and a deal is cut.

Meanwhile the person that purchased her has plans in motion to reacquire the succulent Erica that he paid for. As far as he is concerned she is his merchandise and he wants what he paid for. Alan and Mike barely thwart the snatch team’s attempt and Alan goes on a mission to keep Erica safe.

Their love continues to rebuild and Erica Erica requested that her master change their renewal of vows ceremony into a collaring ceremony. They go to St. Barts, first for the collaring ceremony and then a honeymoon. After the honeymoon is over they embark on a series of photo shoots as part of the agreement with Playboy.

The first two photo shoots are for Playboy with one being the centerfold shoot. The second is a series of erotic love books that include, Couples, Self Love, Love with toys and Bondage. After the publication of all the photos Erica is established as a top model, but people don’t understand her collar and submission to Alan. As their love continues to grow Erica gives Alan an incredible gift that leaves him speechless.

(LHEA - Live Happily Ever After )

Fiction & Literature
March 26
E. Connally
Smashwords, Inc.

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