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This book will go over what essential oils are, and what they can do for you in terms of the conditions that you have.  You will learn as well about the benefits of them, and also some of the ways to use essential oils.  By the end of this, you will be a master at knowing about essential oils, and you will know why you should use these in order to feel better, and to have a better life.  It definitely will make it easier on you, and you’ll be able to have a better life with better health conditions now, and in the future.  It will make your life easier, and better for you now, and in the future.

Health, Mind & Body
November 3
Laura Keeleigh
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dakota Mist ,

Essential oil USE but no defense from danger

I enjoyed reading this book. I had to give it
3 Stars because I feel this book let me down. Great read on many uses for essential oils. However when they told you how to use it they would add things like "Don't add too much to skin, could have serious problems". If you
Use Lavender on your tongue only use one drop "could be dangerous". Look I don't know about anyone else, but if your telling me your product is good for me to use in one breath. And in the next tell me it could be
Dangerous. I want to know how bad, like
Call poison control? Or call 911 because I could be having a heart attack, Blood sugar could go high/low to quickly ??? Just give us the facts please. Good & the bad. Sorry this is my true feelings. Information was left out.
Thank you!!!

Samoan62 ,


There are 4 proofreading errors in this 12 page ebook! I know it was free but come on! It’s semi-informative and I don’t feel like I’m a master of essential oils nor educated why I should be using them. If this was the only book to sell me on essential oils then I’m not buying.