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"Drawing on the insights of men and women who overcame setbacks and failure to achieve phenomenal success, the author focuses on the mental and emotional essentials, the attitudes and mindsets that are the foundation of success in business." -- Doug G
"Written from a place of business maturity and wisdom with many great inspirational stories woven in, the messages inside this book are not only beneficial but highly insightful for any small business owner or someone who has been downsized and is considering starting a business. As the author states, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and there is no such thing as an "over night success". Heeding the advice in this book will save many from the pitfalls and mistakes so many of us make because we do not have the right guidance and support." -- Diana M. Needham
An inspirational and well rounded viewpoint on the journey of entrepreneurship, Essentials of Starting Your Business is an informative book that touches on many issues of that will come up in the course of a business start-up.
The focus of Essentials of Starting Your Business is to help an entrepreneur discover their unique vision and define their reason for starting a business.
Other topics include getting outside your comfort zone, attitude, keeping a healthy life balance while running a business, how failure moves you ahead, how to overcome rejection, learning sales skills, providing value, continuing education, the value of mentors and coaches, the importance of being teachable, continuing education.
Includes bibliography.

Business & Personal Finance
February 24
Deborah Gorman
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