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A moving love story with elements of sci-fi and humor and an epigraph from Nietzsche. A meditation on time and timelessness, memory and forgetting. A drama of an immortal man falling for a mortal woman. Read it if you want to learn what it is like to be immortal living amidst mortals and whether love can truly be eternal in the world where everything is transient and fleeting...

A beautiful young woman in a university town meets a man at a bus stop. She doesn't realize that he is much older than he looks, because he doesn't age. A whirlwind romance follows, and they settle in a small single-story house, their future home of many decades and the only house she will ever own. Eventually the man moves to New York City and resurrects her in his memory in a truly astonishing way.

The author created a web site dedicated to this story,, with a few extras including a detailed floor plan and furniture layout of the dwelling of its heroes.

Fiction & Literature
October 21
Lev Minkovsky
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Michalle Hodos ,

Eternal Love

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a slow burning romance story with a subtle infusion of the sci-fi elements (i.e., an immortal human, self-driving cars, and etc.). A presence of sci-fi elements does not take away from a romance story, if anything it adds to it. You have to be patient with this book because as a good vine it does get better with time. The warmth of the relationship between a mortal woman and an immortal man stays with you long after you finish reading this book. It also explores the always-present questions of our purpose in life and who and what affect our life decisions. Although the ending is predictable, there is a lot of uncertainty about a romantic relationship in the book. For some reason, this book provoked the same feelings in me that I had when I watched a French movie “A man and a woman”. The writing style and character development sparkled at times and faded away in other parts of the book. It puts you in a philosophical and melancholic mood, and thus, this book is a delightful read on a long night.