Publisher Description

This book is about loving others as well as ourselves, no matter how we look, and about all of our feelings of being different.

Ethan and Green are a lot like all the rest of us. Old or young, rich or poor, we all want to fit in and be loved, and we all feel like we are a little different than others. Because of our own uniqueness, we sometimes don’t feel like we fit in. But we are supposed to be different, that’s what makes each one of us so unique and intriguing. As long as we are loved then it does not matter what we look like, and we tend to forget our looks. Loving ourselves, loving our uniqueness is very important, and it helps us to love others the same way.

The boy, Ethan, loves the dog, Green, who thinks that being different is bad. But he learns that everyone is born to be different, and that people still love us just the way we are.

Ethan loves Green the way in which a mother loves her child, or the way that grandparents, aunts or uncles, or a true friend will love someone, no matter their appearance or different-ness. This is the way in which we all want and need to be loved, and the way we must learn to love others and ourselves.

Ethan and Green is a children’s book, lovingly told and beautifully illustrated. This wonderful story allows parents and teachers, psychologists and pastors to teach children to accept, love and embrace themselves and others regardless of outer appearance or other differences. It helps children to know that we are all being dearly loved no matter how different we think we are.

May 26
Sabrina Tang
Smashwords, Inc.