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When one door closes … second chances open another …

Ethan was lost after a major accident abruptly shifted him from a military life to a civilian one, from working with dogs to odd jobs … In that time, he’d spent months healing from his physical injuries. When he connects with Badger and the rest of his Titanium Corp. group of former SEALs, Badger offers Ethan an opportunity he can’t refuse. A chance to do the work he used to do … with a twist.

Cinnamon works from home as a project manager plus is heavily involved in global dog rescues—dogs of all kinds. When Ethan walks into the next door’s vet’s office with an injured shepherd in his arms, she sees another lost soul—just like the canine ones she helps.

Ethan knows he’s about to take a dangerous step, but he’s on the job, and no one—on the job or not—hurts animals while he’s around. This poor shepherd has taken enough abuse, and Ethan fears she is only the tip of a nightmare he’s determined to uncover. But he knows she’s going to lead him in the right direction. 

He has his sights set on saving one dog in particular, Sentry: K9 File 01.

April 10
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Great story

Very well written story that brings covers the reality of what too often happens to special dogs who serve our country! Loved reading it!

gggb206 ,


I honestly don’t know what to say but I’m soooo happy with this book. It was a great romance but it wasn’t overdone with all the extra stuff. I highly recommend this book!!!

Iampatrice ,

The K-9 files

It almost rated a four, but then I read the Epilogue. By definition, an epilogue is a continuation of the story. It puts a fine point on and clears up loose ends and lets the reader know how the story turns out. THIS epilogue had nothing to do with the story it was connected to. No, instead it was an introduction to the next book in the series. There wasn’t even a mention of the main characters from the previous story. You know what that means? It means it wasn’t an epilogue. I was all ready to read that last little bit...have my happy sigh, and close out the book. Instead, I was left ripped off and tricked, and disappointed. Please don’t do that to your readers. Give them what you “advertise”.

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