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Brinn Kiernan belongs to the supernatural world but was born into a human body. Because of her mortal exterior and her complete lack of interaction with any immortal, she is completely unaware of the supernatural being she is intended to be. In fact, she doesn’t even know they exist.

When she starts developing strange symptoms and no diagnoses can be found, she travels to find her identical twin, Olivia, who she was separated from at birth.

It is there, in the city of Battle Ground, Washington, that she first realizes that she isn’t just a normal teenage girl. Her symptoms intensify, proving to reach far beyond any medical spectrum. They also seem to be directly connected to Olivia and the group of teens she hangs out with. Then Brinn meets Seth, Olivia’s unrealistically perfect boyfriend, who is as physically affected by Brinn as she is by him.

Brinn becomes friends with these too-beautiful teenagers and she learns they are actually two separate sub-species of vampire; opposing sub-species. While Seth and his family live only to preserve life in all forms, Olivia is set on destroying it and Brinn is her sister’s next target. As if worrying about her half-vampire sister’s vendetta against her life isn’t enough, Brinn’s human body is quickly shutting down unable to cope with the strength of the supernatural symptoms that plague her.

In an attempt to save Brinn from both her sister and herself, Seth escapes with Brinn. It is in their destination that Brinn will confront immortality, her own mortality and her true connection to Seth, as well as the leader of the supernatural world.

Young Adult
June 26
Kristen Portillo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews


Just breath taking

Amazing book. I enjoyed the twist , the romance, the jealousy , and the new definition of supernatural. It was astonishing!

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