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Balancing life with family and friends and life among the Fae becomes even more complicated for Eve when her best friend decides to visit Lydbury to check up on her. Keeping secrets from the people she loves is the last thing Eve wants to do, especially when she's still figuring out how to live life as an immortal with no magic and a High Fae boyfriend. But, unless Eve can convince the Faerie Queen to lift the ban on communication with humans, she'll have to find a way to keep her double life a secret.

Meanwhile, Liam has a new role on the Faerie Queen's Court, one that takes him away from his mate for days at a time. Worrying over Eve's safety distracts him from his responsibilities. The Faerie Queen has decreed that it's time for the Fae Factions to rebuild after the war with Edric, and the first order of business is reproduction. But any child Liam has with Eve would be human, not Fae. Breaking that to Eve isn't going to be easy.

Faced with difficult decisions and new challenges, Liam and Eve must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to remain paired as life mates.

Author's Note: This novella takes place after book one (Eve of the Fae) and before book two (Dawn of the Fae) in the series. It can be read as a stand-alone story, but will have spoilers for the first book in the series.

Series recommended reading order:

Vivian's Promise

Eve of the Fae

Eve the Immortal

Dawn of the Fae

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 26
Elizabeth Menozzi
Elizabeth Menozzi

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