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Sophie uncovers shocking secrets—and faces treacherous new enemies—in this electrifying third book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Sophie Foster is ready to fight back.

Her talents are getting stronger, and with the elusive Black Swan group ignoring her calls for help, she’s determined to find her kidnappers—before they come after her again.

But a daring mistake leaves her world teetering on the edge of war, and causes many to fear that she has finally gone too far. And the deeper Sophie searches, the farther the conspiracy stretches, proving that her most dangerous enemy might be closer than she realizes.

In this nail-biting third book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must fight the flames of rebellion, before they destroy everyone and everything she loves.

November 4
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

FosterRAGE ,

Best or second best in the series

The third and sixth books in this series are the best, because everything compiles in every third book. Everblaze is intense and action-packed.

merlinfan13 ,


There are so many plot twists and great characters! I love how they interact, they totally seem like they could be real people!!!

Dashie3660 ,


WARNING: I made a whole paragraph about how I ship Sofitz so if you don't wanna see it then too bad.

I'm a little over halfway done with this book (I don't know why I'm reviewing it so soon) and I LOVE IT!! There's a great sense of humor and I'm always on edge when Sophie does something daring (and sometimes utterly stupid but I do that all the time😉) There's also drama in this book that I love. But I always want to punch Dex in the face because I ship Sophie and Fitz and Dex is a butt face. He's like: SOPHIE I CANT BELIEVE YOU LET FITZ BORROW YOUR PENCIL! (I can actually picture Dex doing that.) But of course, I don't know how the book ends so maybe Dex won't mind being Sophie's cousin who knows...oh and I cringed when Dex gave Sophie the ring.Like, at least give her a bracelet or necklace instead...Of course, I wouldn't mind as much if Fitz gave her the ring...in private...But Sophie and Fitz are honestly a great match. SOFITZ FOR LIFE! I don't know what to say about Keefe. He sounds like he's flirting but you never know with him. But it is pretty obvious Sophie and Fitz both have feelings for each other. And with Dex and Sophie it's only Dex who has feelings for her (from what I have read.) Here's a quote from Fitz! "No–you were closer than that. I remember feeling more heat–body heat." That made me laugh I don't know why. ACTUALLY I DO KNOW WHY IT WAS AWKWARD! Anyways, I know this was long so yeah. If you read this here's a cookie-🍪

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