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“Sagan’s mind-blowing post-apocalyptic trilogy comes to a satisfying, terrifying conclusion…A knockout.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Compelling.”—Alternate Worlds
A small group of humans has survived the apocalyptic epidemic called Black Ep, a disease that ravaged the world and left them alone on Earth. Their conflicting ideas about how a new, much less populated planet ought to be governed, however, are a source of terrible strife. The early “post-humans” believed in The Doctrine: "The post-plague world is a collective. We’re all in this together. Let’s look out for each other, share the dirty work, give the needy what they need."

Inevitably, though, as more survivors are roused from their frozen sleep, there are those who disagree. People who remember power are waking up to a new world, and they do not intend to wait their turn....

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 18
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

blueghoti2 ,

Book is great, iBooks version not so much

I echo the other comment, the book itself is great but the formatting is really messed up. All the pages were present in the copy i downloaded, but the chapter markers were completely absent from the first section of the book. This caused the book to open up at the start of the second section, so i had to go to the toc and manually start the book back from the beginning. This also caused the entire first section to run completely together. I had to guess where the next chapter began because it wasn't apparent from the formatting.

Its disappointing that it feels like this version wasn't even proofread by anyone. Where's the quality control? What's the recourse for this? Its not like i can swap it for another correct copy at the store, they are all like this.

csinitialized ,

Book is messed up. Need refund

The formatting of this book is completely FUBARed and it is only 42 pages long. I own the hard copy and I was disappointed when the iBook that I spent money on is missing most of the book and the chapters don't have the accompanying symbols for each character. Otherwise the book is great. I want a working copy or a refund.

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