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From USA Today Bestselling Author, Alex Grayson, comes an emotionally captivating love story that rivals time....

Lincoln was my once in a lifetime, my destiny.

I was his happily ever after, his kismet.

I met him when I was eight, and he saved me from the bullies on the school playground.

The next day, he called me his girl.

When we were thirteen, we began to look at each other differently.

At fourteen, we shared our first kiss.

We were sixteen the first time we made love and promised we'd always be together.

The night before we graduated high-school, he asked me to marry him, and the day before we left for college, I became his wife.

Our first child came when we were just twenty-three. And our second, five years later.

Our future was forevermore written in the stars. We had that indescribable kind of love everyone searches for, but rarely ever find. A love so strong, one lifetime wouldn't be enough.

His soul was my mate, and mine was his.

Our life was perfect. Until it wasn't.

Fate brought us together... would it dare tear us apart?

NOTE: This is the second book in the Ever Series. To fully appreciate the impact of Lincoln and Molly's story, Forevermore should be read first. It is a prequel novella and is available for free.

February 23
Twisted Fiction Publishing LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cha_CharitaReads ,

Everlast is beyond amazing!

Such a heart rendering and poignant story! Heartache can’t even describe how I feel right now and yet I’m soothed by the ending and left with so many thoughts of “what if”. I’m contemplating so many thoughts about the afterlife and how creatively Alex Grayson added to my own wondering. This is a true love and “forevermore” soulmate story in every sense of the word, including the tears it drew from deep within me. The Everlast-ing effects of this story are etched in my heart and soul forever!

Hmitch76 ,

Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Everlast picks up eight years after Forevermore left off. I had ideas of what I thought might happen but I wasn’t even close. Molly and Lincoln met when they were kids. They were the best of friends before coming a couple. They grew up, got married, and had kids. They were living their best life until life happened. Ugh. This book was such an emotional ride. It felt very realistic to me. Alex Grayson is a very talented writer who definitely made me “feel” while reading this story.

cconcus ,

A love story like no other

This book about broke me!! You will NEED tissues!!!

After reading Forevermore I wasn't sure what to expect with Everlast. This book was most defiantly not what I expected it to be. Everlast was full of everything that is...real from love, to heartbreak.

Molly and Lincoln meet as children and eventually fell in love. Their kind of love was what most people dream of and aim for.

This story was overly emotional and I didn't regret reading a word of Molly and Lincoln's story. Even though this was not your everyday romance it has been hands down my top read of 2021.

Alex put so much into this book and you can tell with every word you read.

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