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Every Child Needs a Lily showcases how a student from a Rural Southern School setting in the state of Louisiana, whose name happens to be Lillie, paid forward the love, kindness, and biblical lessons shown to her by her former teachers and administrators as she worked later as an educator in a nearby city. She practiced in her home, school, community, and church. Testimonies of some of her students and persons who are recipients of her work and services are included. Also included is the testimony of the mentee, who inspired the writing of this book by saying, "Every child needs a lily."

This book explores the impact of how consistent mentoring in a one-on-one setting of students over a period of time that includes acts of kindness, biblical truths, and life experiences can build high self-confidence and develop qualities of high achievements in students before entrance to colleges.

The ultimate goal of this book is to challenge other educators as well as other professionals to commit to helping at least one child become the best they can be. The answer to the growing number of social ills in our society cannot rest only with schools. Other community agencies and more individuals must increase programs and activities for children and youth to eliminate the many social ills plaguing America. Statistics prove that it takes at least one person to encourage a child to succeed.

The stories and testimonies are enshrouded with a background of a child's artwork to solidify the child in the title, a young human being who can grow with the help of a "lily." A "lily" becomes any person who invests time, money, talents, and biblical truths in a child or individual. Although each mentor will develop goals and objectives unique to his expertise, tips for getting started are included.

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November 3
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