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It's 1939 and Hitler just invaded Poland. Henry is 13 years old, and unbeknownst to him or his family, his life is about to change forever. Soon he is torn from his siblings and parents and finds himself packed into a covered truck with dozens of desperate strangers. He doesn't have any idea where he's going or when he'll be let out, if ever. 

Henry is now struggling for his life in one of the most diabolical and murderous events in human history—the Nazi plan to exterminate every last Jew in Europe. 

Travel with him to a munitions factory in his hometown of Radom, where he is forced to labor twelve hours a day with barely enough rations to keep him alive. Discover how he manages to obtain extra food through ingenuity and a willingness to risk his life. Would we have the courage to do the same?

Follow Henry to an airstrip in Unterriexingen where he is put to work in the freezing cold with barely any clothes and no shoes to protect him from the elements. Learn how, during an Allied air strike, he escapes to a nearby farmhouse where he pleads with the owner to take him in after he's caught eating with the swine.  

Feel what it's like to hold a Luger for the first time while Henry struggles with the idea of killing the Nazi officer who allows him to clean his pistol and shine his boots when he is not forced to work building what would someday become his own prison. Would you pull the trigger?

Walk with Henry on a 'death march' through the streets of Germany with no end in sight, having to endure the taunts of passersby who yell nasty epithets and throw stones at him while he reaches for a discarded apple core and is stabbed in the back by a Nazi soldier's bayonet. How many of us would have the strength to continue in such circumstances?

Journey 600 feet below the earth to the salt mines in Kochendorf where Henry is forced to slave all day in unbearable conditions while building Nazi storage facilities for art stolen from Jews throughout Europe. 

Experience the horror of a massacre that forces Henry to take quick action that leaves him crawling for his life through the snow-filled forests of the Swiss Alps to emerge as one of a handful of survivors. 

Never take another day for granted after hearing this harrowing tale of courage and survival that leads Henry to freedom after being liberated by Black American GI’s who are themselves fighting racism and inequality in a segregated U.S. military. 

Gain insights as to why the Nazis, and Hitler in particular, hated the Jews, making them the enemy of society and labeling them untermenschen—subhuman. 

This true-to-life story shines as a beacon of hope and perseverance and serves as a backdrop-narrative to remind us that racism and hate can lead to murderous behavior and the rapid destruction of civil society. 

Every Last Jew is a beautifully written memoir by Henry's son Mark Koperweis that will take you on a journey that is up-close, personal, and in full living horror. When you emerge, you will never again see the world or your life in the same way. It will change you, as it did Henry, forever.

All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Henry Koperweis Foundation for Holocaust Education.

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Customer Reviews

h2oloverallday ,

Well written and eye opening

Well written and easily brings you directly into Henry’s experience fighting to survive. Quick read with refreshingly short chapters. Take a moment to read this book and gain some perspective on your own life’s struggles.

Mitch S. Meyer ,

Every Last Jew

This is a phenomenal book. The author doesn’t just describe his father’s struggle for survival as a teenage prisoner of the Nazis, but takes you inside those experiences as they were happening to him. As his father goes from one horrendous slave labor site to the next, we are inside his mind, noting the details of the moment, the quick expressions on people’s faces, the sky. In other words, we get the full benefit of the author’s lifelong dialog with his father about his Holocaust experience. To top it off, the book is also very well written. You will get totally gripped from the start and, if you have time, you’ll want to finish it in one sitting. Great book.