Every Other Monday

Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith, and Friendship

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This bestselling book by GOP presidential candidate John Kasich offers an honest, insightful, and revealing portrait of the man called by the New York Times, “the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race.”

Where do you go when the water rises?

For more than twenty-five years, starting long before he was a Republican presidential candidate facing down Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, before he was twice elected Governor of Ohio, John Kasich has sought the answer to this question and to many of life’s most fundamental challenges in an unlikely place: his twice-a-month lunches with an irreverent, thoughtful, and spirited circle of guys who are members of a Bible study group. Every other Monday over lunch at an Italian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, Kasich and half a dozen friends use the stories of the Good Book as a launching pad to discuss big ideas like integrity, justice, ambition, as well as the small trials and triumphs of daily life. This group, in reaching for life’s biggest mysteries while standing firmly rooted in the everyday, became a cornerstone of Kasich’s life, one to which he consistently turns when the waters threaten to rise.

Full of funny and fascinating anecdotes and poignant memories drawn from Kasich’s personal and professional life, Every Other Monday is an honest look at how to build faith, find strength, and stay resilient—even during the most challenging of circumstances.

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June 15
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Customer Reviews

Liberal Jim ,

Review by a Liberal Admirer

John Kasich is the rare breed of politician who can run for office not only for his political beliefs but for his manner of being and character.

I am a liberal... A Bernie Sanders Democrat... but truly enjoyed reading an account of a decent honest public official who has invested precious personal time, with a cohort of good men, into coming to understand the God he worships and to living by the precepts of true Christianity.

John presents himself as a normal guy seeking to do good for himself, his family, and his community. Reading this book was enlightening and refreshing. I, a man of opposing political beliefs, am compelled to attempt to live my life according to the morals and lessons taught to me by my parents, the church leaders I have been associated with, and friends I have that are sincere believers (like those in his study group) and making a positive difference in my family and community.

I am sure that Mr. Kasich desired only to share his spiritual journey. I feel he succeeded in doing so.

Well done by a great writer and a very decent man

Graceacres ,


I just enjoyed taking the time and reading this book. I would read a little, put it down and pick it up whenever I wanted to be inspired. It isn't inspiring in the usual way, but inspiring to me to that these guys would want to share their story of the group and inspiring to me to know we do indeed have leaders in our country that are not afraid to share their belief in God. Thanks to all in the group for sharing your thoughts and a bit of your life with the rest of us!!

OhioDentist ,

Every Other Monday

I read this book with interest for a variety of reasons: I have been a long-time resident of Ohio (the author being the current governor) and I am a business owner in the state and have interest in the calibre of our state's leadership. Most significantly I have a real and living relationship with my God and have long valued the blessing (and necessity) of getting alone with a few like-minded guys to become the "cord of many strands" as we seek to deepen our faith and our relationships with God and each other.

I applaud John Kasich for his transparency and for that of his group. While there are a few points that Mr. Kasich and I might have a differing perspective I feel at the general premise of bringing God and faith from the ethereal to the everyday aspect of "doing life" is well stated and much needed. I hope that through this book other men will take seriously the need for a determined and deliberate passion to seek to become the fathers, husbands, and leaders we were purposefully created to be.

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