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'Everyone Longs to Belong' is a children's book about how important it is to make the right friends, in the right way, and for the right reasons. This book is the first in a series of the same title, and all of the stories focus on the different challenges kids can face in their day to day lives.

Ideal for kids in primary school, this book is an introduction to mybestfriendinni, a fresh, new children's brand here to connect kids with their intuition and their core values, through storytelling.

In this first story, 'Everyone Longs to Belong', Harmony meets Envy for the very first time. Her first encounter was not-so-nice, and it isn't until after Harmony shares what happened with her friends that Harmony learns just how important it is to make the right friends, in the right way, and for the right reasons.

The need for kids to grow up with a clear understanding of important core values such as empathy, compassion and self-confidence has never been greater. With challenges such as social pressures and bullying being faced by school-aged kids, mybestfriendinni is excited to share a fresh and engaging way to show kids how to better understand and identify different behaviours, and how to manage them.

mybestfriendinni has 12 characters, led by Max, the human protagonist who is delighted to share her Inni, or intuition, with everyone. The remaining characters are all animated, iconic creations that kids will be drawn to based on their bright colours and personalities. Each character represents a 'friend' (a good value) or a 'frenemy' (a negative human trait), and to keep things simple, they are all named after the value they represent!

The friends are Generosity, Honesty, Harmony, Courage, Love and Kindness; and the frenemies are Bully, Selfish, Liar and Envy. Inni is there as a guide to everyone in the Inniverse, and is in all the stories to share the important lessons learned.

April 14
Wisetree Media
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