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* Learn everything you need to know about Atlas Shrugged, quickly!

* Includes a discussion of the plot, characters, main themes, and political philosophy of Ayn Rand

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In 2009, with the global economy hemorrhaging jobs, and Western governments pouring hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money to “bail out” troubled financial firms and large companies, frustrated people and political analysts turned to a book written over 50 years earlier as a guide out of the abyss. 

Though Atlas Shrugged had been a popular title when Ayn Rand published it in 1957, it’s quite possible that the only reference to it that many Americans heard before 2009 came from the hit series Mad Men. However, this staple of conservative and libertarian reader took on new life as the new Obama Administration sought to use government resources to fix financial problems. 

Conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh praised the book for their audiences, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas labeled it one of his favorite novels. By January 2009, one article in the Wall Street Journal was titled, “"Atlas Shrugged From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years".

In that time, the giant novel Rand considered her magnum opus has seen its sales spike dramatically, eventually reaching the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list. Even today, it is still within Kindle’s Top 500 titles, making it one of the most heavily read books of the last several years. 

Today, many have heard of the title and are partially familiar with it, but the sheer size of the book makes it inaccessible for people who don’t have a lot of time to read or ponder Rand’s philosophy. Thankfully, that problem is now solved with Everything You Need to Know About Atlas Shrugged, a primer that can get anyone caught up to speed on the plot, characters, themes, symbols, and philosophy of Rand’s classic in 30 minutes. 

In addition to covering the book in detail, Everything You Need to Know About Atlas Shrugged includes a biography of Rand’s life, discussion about the inspiration for the novel’s characters, and a full-fledged explanation of Objectivism and the sources of Rand’s political philosophy. 

With Atlas Shrugged and its underlying themes as relevant as ever today, get caught up quick with this resourceful guide.  

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May 26
Charles River Editors
Charles River Editors

Customer Reviews

Lynnettt ,

Everything you need to know about Atlas Shrugged.

This book is as close to the truth as our world is to collapse. The author simply took the words out of my mouth. I have written, but have failed to publish publicly. I have self published different types of books like Agent Orange and books on education, but I simply must continue. Atlas Shrugged was superb and true.

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