Everything you Need to Know About Internet Marketing: The 5By10 Method Everything you Need to Know About Internet Marketing: The 5By10 Method
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Everything you Need to Know About Internet Marketing: The 5By10 Method

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In Series, you'll find everything you need to know to about great internet marketing strategies. 

No matter what type of business you are running, you should benefit from internet marketing and find that it can help you to increase your brand visibility, to grow your audience and to make bigger profits... 

Some businesses are only able to exist thanks to internet marketing. These are the entirely online businesses, such as people who sell eBooks. eBooks are digital products with no overheads and by marketing them correctly, it's possible to make huge amounts of sales that will earn you almost entirely profit. eBooks can be something of a hard sell, but the fact that you can reach such a massive audience and engage with them directly means that you can get enough turnover to earn big profits. 

This Series is going to teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing. This book will show you what is called the 5 By 10 method.  It is a method to get you involved in internet marketing and make money from selling your products or other people's products.  How to increase your credibility and more, here are some of the topics that you will learn and a lot more...

What You'll Learn

How Content Helps Drive Traffic

How Content Helps Increase Perceived Expertise

How Content Helps You Increase Your Income

How to Implement and Plan for the 5X10 Method

How to Create Massive Amounts of Content in Little Bits of Time

The Planning Phase

An Overview of the 5 Different Content Methods

Content Method One – Articles

Content Method Two – Blog Posts

Content Method Three - Podcasts

Content Method Four - Video

Content Method Five - Social Media

Getting Started

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June 9
Personal Growth
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