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The war between Apple and Google has gone completely nuclear in this action-packed Apple fan fiction by tech writer Mackay Bell.

In an alternate reality future, Google changes its motto from "Don't Be Evil" to "We're Evil, Get Over It" and firebombs Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

Now the only person that can stop them is Doctor Eve Zachara, a personal protege of Steve Jobs. Eve is the Vice-President of Apple's secretive Special Sales Division, a commando unit on the front lines of Apple's battle against Google's dark empire. It is a battle between iOS and Android, fought not only over features and updates, but also with tanks, bombs and laser swords. Fighter jets roar over the deserts of Central Asia, machine guns blast in the jungles of Africa and high above the planet, vast battles are waged by opposing space fleets. 

Eve's Hungry: The iWars Trilogy is a fantastical mix of action and comedy in the spirit of "Austin Powers" and "Our Man Flint." Filled with insider jokes about Apple and the tech industry, it comes to a thrilling conclusion where a Steve Jobs Keynote presentation literally saves the world.

Book 1: Forbidden Apple introduces Eve Zachara on a routine sales meeting with a rebel army that suddenly turns deadly. Eve uncovers a secret Google project to create a new device that will doom the world to a thousand years of darkness. Eve heads into space to meet with other tech companies in a desperate effort to join forces before it is too late. But will killer robots, space fighters and a sexy dominatrix stop her mission?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 19
Hyper Geek Press
Jonathan Lawton

Customer Reviews

Robert Miller New York ,

Sci-Fi Fun and Adventure for Apple Fans!

This is a hilarious, action packed sendup of the tech wars. In an alternative reality, competition between Google and Apple leads to a real world war with space battles and high tech weapons. It’s all the more funny because it’s (almost) played straight with great action and well crafted characters. The story focuses on Eve, a sexy female Apple Sales VP, who was mentored by a Samurai sword welding Steve Jobs. Tech writer Mackay Bell put in lots of insider geek jokes and Apple themed Easter eggs. Great read!

NathanQuick ,

Great Sci Fi action

Really dug the world Bell created in this fun filled adventure. Perfect for fans of Apple products. And everything he says about Google is true!

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