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Tech rivalries between Apple and Google lead to full scale war in this crazy and sexy action/sci-fi comedy by tech writer Mackay Bell.

Book 2: Google's Revenge - In a high orbit space station, Eve attends a gathering of Earth's tech leaders as they agree to join forces to stop Google's secret Strangelove doomsday plan. But the station is attacked by new Google Deathdealer Dreadnoughts. As a giant space battle ensues, Eve must find a way to escape to back to Earth and find, in the jungles of Africa, the only person who might be able to turn the tide.


Eve's Hungry: The iWars Trilogy is a fantastical mix of action and comedy in the spirit of "Austin Powers" and "Our Man Flint." Set in an alternate reality future, it focuses on the adventures of Doctor Eve Zachara, the Vice-President of Apple's secretive Special Sales Division, as she battles Google's dark empire. The war between iOS and Android is fought not only over features and updates, but also with tanks, bombs and laser swords. Fighter jets roar over the deserts of Central Asia, machine guns blast in the jungles of Africa and high above the planet, vast battles are waged by opposing space fleets. Filled with insider jokes about Apple and the tech industry, it comes to a thrilling conclusion where a Steve Jobs Keynote presentation literally saves the world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 27
Hyper Geek Press
Jonathan Lawton

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Robert Miller New York ,

The Adventure Continues!

Part two of this hilarious series jumps right into the action as Eve, an Apple Vice President of sales, heads to space to battle a Google space fleet. A terrific mix of satire and sexy action in the spirit of Our Man Flint or the Austin Powers films.

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