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If there is one thing that we need, it is a mighty move of the Spirit to revive the Church and sweep countless sinners into the Kingdom. This is ultimately the end goal of Evidence for Speaking in Tongues: Fanning the Flames of Revival. In this book, you will learn answers to these and other questions:

Is the Baptism in the Spirit separate from conversion?
What is the evidence for the Baptism in the Spirit?
Why is speaking in tongues important?
How does a person receive the Baptism in the Spirit?
Why didn't many of the great preachers in history speak in tongues?
What is the difference between praying in tongues and the gift of tongues?
How can I lead my church to experience revival?

Then you will also learn the intimate connection between the Baptism in the Spirit and the spiritual gifts and spiritually empowered ministry. This connection leads to a spiritually empowered Church which in turn leads to revival. If you have ever wondered why you do not see the gifts of the Spirit manifested in your church, then you must read this book. In it, you will read testimonies of modern miracles that will inspire you to believe for miracles around you.

Many people have legitimate questions about the validity of speaking in tongues in the present day. Others, have been dogmatically taught against tongues. In this book, Billy Prewitt, shares from personal experience how to handle criticism related to speaking in tongues. He also answers many of the common arguments that are raised against tongues.

Have you met someone who encountered problems when attempting to receive the Baptism in the Spirit? Pulling from over twenty years of experience, Billy Prewitt also identifies common obstacles that people experience when seeking the Baptism in the Spirit and provides reasonable solutions.

The book also provides helps for leaders that are seeking revival. These inspirational helps include chapters on how to increase faith through study and also in the Church, how to preach toward revival, and a very personal appeal to seek God on a higher level.

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September 1
Billy Prewitt
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