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When Ben gets kicked out of the CIA’s spy school, he enrolls with the enemy. From New York Times bestselling author, Stuart Gibbs, this companion to the Edgar Award–nominated Spy School and Spy Camp is rife with action, adventure, and espionage.

During a spy school game of Capture the Flag, twelve-year-old Ben Ripley somehow accidentally shoots a live mortar into the principal’s office—and immediately gets himself expelled. Not long after going back to the boring old real world, Ben gets recruited by evil crime organization SPYDER.

And he accepts.

As a new student in SPYDER’s evil spy school, which trains kids to become bad guys with classes like Counter Counterespionage and Laying Low 101, Ben does some secret spying of his own. He’s acting as unofficial undercover agent, and it becomes quickly apparent that SPYDER is planning something very big—and very evil.

Ben can tell he’s a key part of the plan, but he’s not quite sure what the plan is. Can Ben figure out what SPYDER is up to—and get word to the good guys without getting caught—before it’s too late?

Young Adult
April 21
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

killswitch522 ,

best book ever

spy school was one of the best book series i have ever read!!!!!

Surviver boy ,


This was best series ive read i hope they make another one with ben dating erica hall that be nice.

Bookworm loves books ,

Love it to space and back!

I have read all the Spy School books in the series that have been published. I love it and would recommend it to people. Stuart gibbs is a great author and is my #1 favorite author. I have 3 books out of them all and am looking forward to getting all and reading all his books. I am 10 and I have the highest academic score in the 4th grade and possibly my whole school. I finished each book in 1 day. I have a question though. How come you don’t write books about girls? I am a girl and feel very offended. It’s not very nice. My dream job is to be an author, and i will write about boys and girls. Though, even that, you are still the best! If this becomes a movie i would love to be in it.(please?🙏) I really, really, really love books. I thought i had known what books were, until I read this series. It is so hard to tear your eyes away from the book. (I even read it in my bed after it was night! I haven’t done that since i read the dictionary!😅😂🤣) Honestly, my #1 author was Chris Grabenstein until i read this. I would love to meet Stuart Gibbs. (Please hope i will!🙏) the spy school series is really kind of like my life, ups and downs, just like a ship at sea. Good days and bad days. Thank you Stuart Gibbs for creating this serie! If you, Stuart Gibbs read my review, thank you so much! You are the best author in the world!

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